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From the beginning CNR TV has produced reports and documentaries for TV, as well as corporate videos for companies


Vietnam: The return of the demons (1994)
Twenty years after Vietcong rebels threw out US troops, in Saigon the demons, which they fought against and defeated, have arisen again. That is prostitution, opium smoking and wild capitalism. All of this under an iron regime.

Waiting in La Habana (1994)
Portrait of an abandoned to its own means Cuba after the fall of the wall and the loss of privileged financial links with the former USSR.

Somalia exists (1995)
Report about Red Cross work in the most chaotic country in the world after the failed UN mission “Giving back hope”, Somalia is in a conflict between rival warlords.

Andalusians to Catalonia (1995)
Report about the current situation of Andalusian and Extremadurans who migrated to Catalonia in the 1960s, during the last years of General Francisco Franco dictatorship. They felt like they didn’t belong anywhere. Known as “charnegos”( colloquial word used for people born outside Catalonia) in Catalonia, while in Andalucía, when they went back to their hometowns, they were called “Catalans”.

Colombia: drugs, attacking the root causes (1996)
In the Colombian region Cauca, indigenous tribes try to eradicate the growth of opium poppies which only cause death, and people leave their towns and farming to look for shelter in the outskirts of the big cities.

The stone guard (1999)
Following the ONCE mountain team to the top of America: the Aconcagua, 6.960 meters high. Blind hikers and other disabled people try to face an unprecedented sporting challenge in Spanish mountaineering history.

Waiting for the referendum (2001)
Report in the Saharawis' refugee camps in the Argelian desert, capturing the daily life, the unfulfilled dreams of independence and the feeling that the Sahara conflict has been forgotten by Europe and the rest of the Western World.

Under the plastics (2001)
Report of El Ejido, a town in Almeria where hundreds of undocumented immigrants work under the plastics of the greenhouses. Many times they struggle in hard conditions, all to make real the miracle of huge production of vegetables that are sold across the whole of Europe.

The Basque dilemma (2002)
Report about the Basque country situation, the daily coexistence under the terrorist threat, the political aspirations of a sector of the society and the willingness to solve the conflict.

Nomads of Human condition (2002)
A 13 episode series by producer Orbita Max and directed by Jordi Llompart.
Participation providing a camera operator to the episodes dedicated to Irene Khan (Amnesty International), Andrea Riccardi ( Community of Saint Egidio), Joan Font (Els Comediants Theatre company), Javier Solana (NATO) and Charles Bonnet (archaeologist) recorded in Colombia, Mozambique, China, Bosnia and Sudan.

To the shelter of Arash the Archer (2003)
For the first time in the history of Spanish mountaineering for disabled, a team of women reached the top of Damavand (5.670m) in the heart of Iran.

The top blindly(2006)
Report about the activities of Spanish Society of mountaineering for disabled people in Mont Blanc (4.807 m)

Cho Oyu expedition (2009)
Press chief of the association Mountains Without Barriers Association during the expedition to the Cho Oyu (8.201 m)

Denali (2010)
Press chief to the association Mountains Without Barriers during the expedition to Mc Kinley (6.195 m) in Alaska.


Barcelona Navy Union. Remodelling of a ship (1999)
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Corporate video (1999)
Spanish federation for sport for blinds. Corporate video (2002)
3 ABC Lasures. Corporate video (2003)
Intralase. Corporate video (2004)
AmChamSpain. Jeb Bush visit (2005)
IESE. Vídeo Graduation video of MBA (2006 - 2008 - 2009)
Bamesa. Corporate video (2007)
Manual Color. Corporate video (2009)
Knock. Corporate video (2010)
Fundación Affinity. Corporate video (2011)
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